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LS3 is a full-service intellectual property law firm that caters to the special needs of its clients on an individual basis.  Our firm brings over 75 years of combined experience in every aspect of IP law, including patents, trademarks, copyrights, and trade secrets.  At LS3, clients get the personal attention and customized service that larger law firms cannot provide.  Moreover, with its surgical approach to legal matters, LS3 provides only the precise legal services that each client requires.

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“Many outside counsel believe they have all the answers and do not need or welcome input from others. LS3 is different. They are tenacious advocates, but remain open to new ideas and different viewpoints.”




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“LS3 literally worked day and night to give us the very best chance of winning the case, which we did. It was an important victory for our company and they played a key role.”




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“They are intelligent and quickly develop an understanding of highly technical issues that are so common in intellectual property matters.”




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“LS3 is a refreshingly organic firm that from top to bottom really understands its audience.  There is no weak link in their team.”